Our family loves hot sauce, and our oldest has been eating hot sauce since before he was one years old lol.

Well, we figured it would be cool to try some of the different hot sauces we come across on camera to share with you all.

In this one we tried 3 different hot sauces, Pain is Good’s Reaper-Acha, Torchy’s Diablo, and Carolina Reaper Wing sauce.

Two of them were made with Reaper pepper, one with Habanero, if you know anything about peppers then you know to expect some heat.

One of these was super hot….see which one we thought was the hottest.

Let us know of any you think we should try!

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We took Samson Leonidas aka Sami to get groomed recently. This was our first time taking him so we didn’t know all of the particulars.

We wanted his hair shorter, but wanted to keep his beard/face fuzzy…a “snouzer” cut was suggested and that’s what we went with.

Well…they definitely delivered on the proper cut, but we were not a fan of the look on Sami lol.

So we will either be tweaking the cut next time…or…most likely, I will buy some clippers and learn how to groom him myself.

No matter what though, he’s still our awesome Sami! On another note…I think he likes having less hair, he can zip around the house  a lot faster lol!

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that you’re walking in the exact purpose that God has for your life.

The more time you spend with Him, in prayer, in His word, and listening to His Spirit, the more clear His will becomes.

But knowing His will and actually following or submitting your plans to His will are very different things. You can know and not follow.

Trust me when I tell you, once you fully submit, there’s nothing like the peace, joy, and level of fulfillment you get out of life.

As a believer there’s nothing more fulfilling than living a life aligned with God’s will, allowing yourself to be used for His kingdom.

Be encouraged and trust in the Lord….he truly knows you, loves you, and where you need to be in life.

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