About Me

The General Stuff:

I love God, my family, and helping others reach their goals! I’m a businessman, tech head, educator, and consultant.  No secret formulas, no tricks, just faith, hard work, and the love of/for my family.

I’ve tasted success, and I’ve experienced failure. No matter what, I just continue to push forward.  I truly enjoy helping others reach their goals, chase their vision, and stay motivated through it all.

Above it all I love my family and all of my decisions are based around the impact it will have on us as a whole. For me, the freedom to be with my family and be available without having to check someone else’s schedule is the most important aspect of my life. That’s worth more than any salary, check, or contract.

The Tech Stuff:

I’m a music producer, web editor, music technology instructor, product tester, video guy, tech enthusiast, and audio technology consultant.  Many also know me as “saintjoe” through various online forums and communities. I’ve always loved music and started producing for myself and other independent gospel artists in 2001.  My desire has always been to help people understand and get the most out of their gear, so in 2009 I started SoundsAndGear.com as a virtual outlet for product reviews, tutorials, demos and testing in conjunction with the SoundsAndGear YouTube channel.

Over the years I’ve worked with various companies within the tech and software industry including Native Instruments, Big Fish Audio, American Musical Supply, Arturia, Novation, Spectrasonics, Ableton, Presonus Audio Electronics, Studio Electronics, Yamaha, KORG, and more.  I’ve used Native Instruments Maschine since it’s initial release in 2009 and after helping thousands of people learn to use Maschine I created MaschineTutorials.com in 2011, the first tutorial community site dedicated to Maschine.

I’ve been an avid user of Ableton Live since 2009 as well, but once Ableton Push was released it completely changed my workflow for the better. In 2015 I started PushTutorials.com as an exclusive tutorial resource dedicated to teaching Ableton Push. In 2016 I became an official Ableton Certified Trainer.  In addition to my own websites, I am also a music technology course instructor and author with Lynda.com and CreativeLive.

The Bottom Line:

I like to help people, the “how” that’s done shows it various ways, but the underlying theme is the same.